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The Water Safety Code

Five simple rules to help you stay safe in the water.

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1Know how to float

If you get into trouble, float on your back with your ears in the water – this will increase your chances of survival. Relax and breathe normally. If you don’t know how to float, get some lessons and practice before you enter the water.

2Find the safest place

Take a moment to assess the conditions and look for dangers like strong currents. Find the safest place to get in and out of the water. Places with lifeguards on duty are safest. Listen to the lifeguards and pay attention to warning signs and flags.

3If in doubt, stay out

Check the weather before leaving home. If you’re unsure about your skill level, the weather, or the water conditions, it’s better to wait for another day. The weather and water conditions can change quickly.

4Take care of yourself and others

Always go with a buddy and tell someone your plans. When wearing a lifejacket, make sure it fits properly. When children are in or near the water, a responsible adult should be within arm’s reach and watching them carefully.

5Know how to get help

If you get into trouble, raise your arm and call out for help. If you see someone who needs help, call 111 and ask for Police.

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