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Welcome to AdventureSmart New Zealand

Whether if you’re setting off on a quick trip, looking forward to a relaxing get away or heading off for a full-blown adventure, it's important to be prepared. AdventureSmart brings together important information and connects you to helpful recreational safety resources so that you can be prepared for New Zealand's great outdoors.

Top tips for enjoying New Zealand's great outdoors

Know Before You Go

Be AdventureSmart

Even a brief excursion into our beautiful but sometimes-unpredictable kiwi landscape can turn into an 'unexpected adventure' if the weather changes, if someone gets hurt, if the trail, coastline, river or ocean is rougher than expected, or if you don’t have the right gear, clothing or footwear. AdventureSmart is your portal to making sure you can find what you need to know, before you go.

Why prepare?

New Zealand's landscape and waters are amazing... and unpredictable.

You may not expect to get injured or run in to trouble, but the reality is - 

if no one knows your plans,

then no one can raise the alarm if the unexpected happens.

No matter what the activity, no matter how long for, no matter who with - 

Before you go, make sure someone knows

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