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4 April 2020

Additional guidance on Alert Level 4 rules

The Ministry of Health has released further guidence regarding outdoor recreational activities during COVID-19 Alert Level 4, as follows:

  • ..."Exercise is to be done in an outdoor place that can be readily accessed from home and two-metre physical distancing must be maintained. 
  • Recreation and exercise does not involve swimming, water-based activities (for example, surfing or boating), hunting, tramping, or other activities of a kind that expose participants to danger or may require search and rescue services..."

Please see the full media release for further detail, here(external link).


24 March 2020

Kiwis urged to exercise in low-risk environments

Stick to simple outdoor exercise, that is the message from the Chair of the Search and Rescue Council Peter Mersi. He is urging people to take only undertake activities that are of a minor risk to injury, and to avoid going into areas where you could become lost or require search and rescue.

“You should not do any activities where you may unintentionally end up needing emergency services. This includes tramping, hiking into backcountry or remote areas, going boating, fishing and going swimming.

Current Government advice is that you can go outside, but you need to limit your contact with others. Our emergency services need to be fully available to respond to COVID-19. Therefore, it is also vital that New Zealanders are sensible about what types of exercise they undertake and where. 

No-one goes into the outdoor environment intending to get lost or injured, says Peter.  “We are asking New Zealanders to be sensible and to adjust the way they enjoy our outdoor environment at this time, to ensure that our emergency services are available to help those in highest need.

More information can be found on the COVID-19 website: link)

About the NZSAR Council(external link)

For more information about this advice contact Duncan Ferner, Manager, NZ Search and Rescue Secretariat


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